I will be back teaching community classes in May 2018




Outdoor Yoga is amazing!

Outdoor classes add a different dimension to the practice of yoga.

Yoga means ‘UNION’ and when we practice outdoor, it brings us closer to this union with nature, humanity and our universe.

Being outdoors can intensify our yoga experience in so many ways!

The breeze helps us to deepen our breath, the warm sunshine helps us to deepen our practice by making muscles more pliable, and our intentions become so powerful when we are connecting with nature.

Outdoor Yoga is a great way to unwind from busy and stressful reality, release stress and tension by sipping the fresh air that nature has to offer us. After the class, you will feel calm, rejuvenated and happy from inside out.

Outdoor yoga classes are for all levels and ages, I will always offer modifications and will provide an extra challenge so everyone can find what feels good and what is right for them and their practice.


I cannot wait to connect with each and every one of you!

Love & Light

Liel Cheri ♥


Sunset Yoga Dallas by Liel Cheri


Outdoor Yoga will be back soon

Spring 2018

Stay tuned


How to find us

Winfrey Point White Rock Lake
Across Winfrey Point House – at the top of the hill, facing Down Town and the lake.

Q: How to find us?

We are practicing at the Winfrey point by the white house right on top of the hill, facing Down Town and the lake.
A minute walk from the big parking lot at the hill.


Q: Do I need a yoga mat?

If you have one, great! grab it with you.
If you don`t have one, NO WORRIES ! A beach towel or any blanket can work perfectly.
You can find a really cheap yoga mats at Walmart, Ross, Target ect… ( Price range $7-$15 )


Let me know if you have any questions...


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