I`m beyond excited that you stopped by and that you are interesting on working together.

I truly believe everyone including myself need a coach  to fulfill  maximum of our potential in life.

  • Have you ever been o a diet or multiple diets but couldn`t get you desired results?
  • Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle, diet or some change in your life that you found to be unsustainable?
  • Have you ever wanted / dreamed something in your life so badly, but found it`s so hard to achieve it alone and you need someone to help you?
  • Have you ever wanted  life full of energy, discover the best version of yourself  but you do not how?
  • Have you ever struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while trying to balance work, family, and a daily life?



This is why everyone needs a health coach!

This is why I`m here!

Weak spots on body by Liel Cheri

As a  masterful health coach who know how to get what you want and provide ongoing guidance and support toward your goals and dreams and take you step by step to lifelong changing results that will make your life blissful.


My job is to work  on your needs and to build you a unique program that will fit your needs, your goals, and your schedule.


My unique Look Great Naked – The Total Transformation will radically improve every aspect of your life and together, we will explore so many fascinating ways  to achieve your biggest desires, goals and dreams of your life.

I will provide one on one guidance, motivation and accountability, as well as step by step guidance to achieve your dream body, optimal health and most importantly I will empower you with the ability, knowledge and confidence to live the blissful lifestyle you are desire for the rest of your life!


Are you excited and ready to discover the best version of yourself and live a fulfilled and blissful life?

 The Total Transformation

This is a 90 day program that will take trough amazing journey for a healthier lifestyle, fall in love with yourself and your body, double your energy level, feel amazing from inside out, smile with no reason, and to be the best version of yourself.

The total transformation includes:


Personalized 1 on 1 coaching tailored to your special and unique needs

Empower Your Health by Liel Cheri

12 sessions – 1 session per week, private 1 on 1 coaching sessions via Phone or Skype


Email support between sessions

14 days detox program by Liel Cheri

Customized done for you materials such as delicious and healthy recipes, handouts, checklists, & more

And most important – An exciting, fun and fulfilling adventure that will change your life forever


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The Total Transformation


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The Total Transformation


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