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About Liel

rencontre iasi roumanie Liel Cheri is an international yoga teacher, nutrition, and a health coach.

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Russian native girl who was raised in Israel from the age of 9th. follow url In her late 20s, Liel began traveling around the United States and landed in California where she met her husband Michael. Today Liel and Michael happily live in Dallas, Texas.

A defining moment in Liel`s life happened in 2010, where for the last year Liel was suffering from continuous back pain, really low energy, and daily headaches. Liel was visiting doctors more than she was comfortable with. She could not sleep well at nights, she was always nervous, impatient toward others, aggressive and heartless towards dear people in her life.

Here is how Liel overcame the situation: Liel shared her feelings with a friend that worked with her at the office, and her friend suggested her trying Yoga as a physical and mental release. Liel headed to her first yoga class to Bikram yoga studio in Israel, and she fell in love right away. “The energy in that room was incredible! I felt like I had been reborn. I saw everyone smile, calm and happy, I felt belonged and I needed more of that. “ As an athlete in high school, and a sports lover, Liel was able to perform most sports and physical activities with minimal effort. To her surprise, yoga turned out to be very challenging, at the same time relaxing and made her feel incredibly energized and brought the smile back on her face, which is what initially motivated her to keep going back. After a couple of months, Liel slowly began to realize that yoga was more than just a workout for her. As Liel noticed the positive changes in her own body, energy level, and relaxing mind, she made a commitment to fill her practice and to bring harmony back into her life. Liel wanted to live a healthy and a happy life.



Liel noticed along the way, that she was not the only one that was struggling with health issues, stressful reality, and a desire to live happy. Liel`s yoga journey helped her to find the way to change and to create a new and successful life. As a result Liel decided to become a yoga instructor and has dedicated the rest of her professional life to helping other people around the world to use yoga in a daily routine as a tool for own healing that will create a healthy life style, will increase their energy level, will bring smile back on their face and will help gain a mental peace and clarity. Liel loves spreading her love and benefits of yoga with the world.



Liel`s journey to become a yoga instructor was realized into reality in 2013 when she completed her 200 hours Power Yoga, Yoga sculpt, and 200 hours Hot Yoga teacher trainings in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2015 Liel also completed kids yoga and ACROVINYASA trainings. In 2016 Liel decided that she want to know more about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and habits change so she became a certified health coach.

Today in her early thirties Liel feel so wonderful, happy and accomplished and she wants to share this amazing yoga and health world with you! http://fbmedical.fr/aftepaes/754 As a yoga teacher and a health coach Liel wants to provide you with a new awareness of your body, help you to realize self love, positivism, and overcome any physical and mental challenges. You will find Liel`s classes and coaching technics  fun, playful, yet challenging and relaxing at the same time. You will find what meets your needs and blends with your personality, hopes and goals. Liel believes smiling and having fun is everything that we need to approach success, this is her number one rule in life. So get ready to smile a lot when you around Liel.

Liel has taught and coached countless students around the world. Today Liel teaching workshops, yoga retreats, coaching how to live a healthy and blissful lifestyle and shares daily inspiration.

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